Being able to sell seafood for years to come is important to your bottom line. The long-term viability of your wild and farmed seafood supply is contingent on the health of ocean and freshwater resources.

The members of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions have many years of experience working with businesses that buy and sell seafood and with policymakers on fisheries management issues. We seek to combine our conservation expertise with your business knowledge and innovative spirit to help your company create a comprehensive corporate policy on sustainable seafood.

The Common Vision guides industry on a clear path forward to a sustainable future for seafood.

—Wal-Mart Stores

Since 2008, more than 20 companies from retailers to food service to distributors have stated their support of the Common Vision, and several large retailers have worked closely with Alliance member organizations to form or deepen their commitment to improve the sustainability of the seafood they sell.

By supporting environmentally responsible fisheries and fish farms, our stores can continue to provide high-quality seafood today and for the future.

—Ahold USA (Operates Stop&Shop, Giant Foods and Martin's)

Alliance members use a range of tools and approaches to help your business move forward on a path toward sustainability. We are also working to address many of the biggest barriers that businesses face as they work towards sustainable sourcing. This includes:

  • Improving the credibility and conservation benefits of certification of wild fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Increasing the supply of sustainable seafood by supporting the efforts of fisheries to move toward sustainability. 
  • Finding ways to provide clearer guidance to companies as they implement their sustainable seafood policies.

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about the Alliance’s guidelines for supporting fishery improvement projects (PDF).

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